about me

Janell Conner
Creative Director

Janell is an award-winning, designer, design educator, and advocate for the power of design thinking to transform brand experiences, organizations, communities and people's lives. For more than 10 years, she's developed engaging design solutions for consulting, marketing, promotional,  communications and interpretive programs for Government Agencies, Corporations, Museums, School Systems, Arts and Community organizations and Brands. Her client list includes NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), Centers for Disease Control, United Way, Duval County Public Schools, The Harn Museum of Art, Cemex, Texas Southern University among others.

Janell founded her first studio in 2006 (Public Design Unit) in Jacksonville, Florida and launched Athenaum Design in 2016 in Houston, TX. She's a former board member for the Women's Business Center, and is active in both the design and entrepreneurial communities. She has expertise in design and development of graphics work for advertsing, publication design, web experience, signage systems and interpretive programs. She speaks and writes on design and entrepreneurial topics. Janell grew up in the Chicago suburbs, lived in Sunny Jacksonville, Florida for many years, and currenlty lives in Houston in the 'great state of Texas'.


"What I love most about being a designer is participating in my clients’ dreams, vision, and the future of their brands. Design is one of the ways I "root for the success" of these organizations and brands. Making beautiful things, and helping people win is something I've always loved doing, and as a designer and marketer, I get to do that every day."

Experience & Skills

  • Creative and Art Direction

  • UI/UX Web Design

  • Design Management

  • Brand Consulting

  • Advertising

  • Publication Design

  • Motion Graphics